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Get the ability to block intrusive ads and browse your favorite websites without annoying pop-ups and banners that appear in the most inappropriate places and prevent you from enjoying information.

About Wleadters

As soon as you download and install our "WleadtersWleadters" extension, your personal online surfing experience will change for the better forever. Using our extension, there is no need to register or pay to use it. A simple and fast installation takes only a few seconds.

After installing our extension "WleadtersWleadters" you will get the following additional functionality for your browser:

  • No more ads, including banners, pop-ups, video ads, etc;
  • Trackers will no longer access your personal information;
  • Safer surfing of web sites;
  • By blocking the loading of advertising content, increased download speed of web sites;

Although our "WleadtersWleadters" extension cannot analyze or block any malware or viruses, it significantly reduces the chance of infecting your computer. By blocking spam, pop-ups, banners and sites marked as malicious, which are commonly used to spread malware. Our ad blocker "WleadtersWleadters" helps to keep your computer safe and sound. This is especially important if your computer is used by children or elderly people, as they easily fall victim to pop-ups, ads, scammers and ransomware.

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Example work

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